Do you work with members of your community who would benefit from the Bridge project?

We are seeking to widen out our referral partners to reach potential beneficiaries right across Northumberland.

What are we looking for in a Community Referral Partner?

A Community Referral Partner will recognise that services and support are best delivered to individuals and communities when organisations cooperate and work together.

Your organisation will be one that embraces a culture of partnership working and focuses on what is best to meet the individual’s needs.

You will have a similar ethos to Bridge and recognise that a holistic approach to helping individuals is the best way forward. Your values and principles most likely match the ones Bridge have and you will agree to uphold them.

It is most likely that you are a community based organisation or service that is already supporting or engaging with vulnerable people in our Northumberland communities.

As a Community Referral Partner, you have a key role to play in engaging with members of the community and then referring them directly to Bridge.

For more information please contact Clair Parker, Beneficiary Recruitment and Engagement Officer on 0793796522 or send an email to