One of our Bridge Partners, Cygnus Support are delighted to confirm that they have expanded the Bridge delivery team at Cygnus by recruiting a second Counsellor and a Coach/Trainer for the project.  This means that they can increase the number of Bridge beneficiaries that they can work with, expand the type of interventions they offer and broaden their reach across the whole county.  The second Counsellor will be predominantly focused on delivery in the north of the county from their hubs in Ashington, Alnwick & Berwick whilst the Coach/Trainer will be adding 1-2-1 coaching to their portfolio and will also be focused on the north of the county.  Together, they will deliver group workshops which will focus on communication skills and problem solving.  In addition, they will be recruiting a second Coach/Trainer who will offer the same services and cover the central and west of the county from their hubs in Ashington, Blyth & Hexham.  You can read more about Cygnus on our partnership page.