Justine was referred into the Bridge Project in July 2018 from the Full Circle Food Project in Ashington via our partner Northumberland CVA.

Before joining Bridge Justine was unemployed and suffered from depression and anxiety and didn’t want to leave the house. She was socially isolated and out of touch with the labour market. Justine had poor basic skills, IT skills and struggles with reading and writing.

Before joining the Bridge Project Justine hated being in the house all of the time she didn’t want to go out and liked the comfort of home.

Sadly two of Justine’s siblings passed away and she didn’t have any successful support around her mental health.

“Within days I was given counselling by Cygnus one of the Bridge Partners after the death of my brother. It really helped me…”

Justine would like to work and would ideally like a part time job utilising the skills she’s gained volunteering with The Full Circle Food Project.  Before Bridge Justine had a lack of confidence and low self esteem – joining in some of the group sessions has greatly helped to overcome this.

During her time with Bridge to date Justine has been involved in various group sessions; art taster workshops (culminating in an art exhibition where her art was proudly displayed), creative writing workshops, wellbeing and cooking event and cooking with herbs and growing your own herbs/veg.

“I love Bridge my confidence has grown so much and has made me a much happier person”.

Justine now doesn’t like to stay in the house, she has a reason to go out and enjoy life. The group activities she attended involved the same beneficiaries all from different backgrounds and circumstances who she describes as being like one big family who help and support one another.

“My Bridge Worker Alison is lovely, I love everything about her – she’s helped me with personal and family matters and is always there if I need her”.

Justine feels she’s not quite ready for work yet as she’s confident around people she knows but when it comes to being among people she doesn’t know or trust, it feels very daunting. The Full Circle Food Project is like a comfort blanket and she is continuing to improve her confidence levels to enable her to move on.

“Come and get involved in Bridge – they’re brilliant! Give it a try because it’s worth it…”

One of the main elements Justine said she enjoyed about Bridge is the one to one support every person receives from their own dedicated Bridge Worker instead of being passed from pillar to post from one worker to another who doesn’t fully know or understand your circumstances.

“Bridge is helpful to everyone – people think they don’t need help and don’t do anything about it. You need to give Bridge a try…”

What difference is Bridge making?

Goal setting at a pace that’s good for Justine

Increasing confidence in herself and reducing social isolation

Support Justine throughout her journey

Working with the arts to support Justine throughout her journey

What’s next for Justine?

Justine is still volunteering with The Full Circle Food Project and is continuing to build her confidence and boost her self esteem.

Well done Justine you’ve come so far and we look forward to following your journey…

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